Andrew Faulconbridge Psychotherapy and Counselling in Lewes. Alcohol and Drug use / Relationship Difficulties


I have been working as a clinical supervisor for 17 years.

Currently, I supervise for various organisations including Pavilions, CGL, Surrey Drug & Alcohol Counselling and in private practice in Lewes.

I take a relational and process orientated approach to supervision and believe that the supervisory relationship should be a supportive one which attends to the developmental and educational needs of the supervisee and also ensures that their clients are being worked within an ethical, safe and appropriate way.

My style of supervision is consultative. I provide a space for you, whether you are a counsellor, psychotherapist or an allied professional to bring your client load, and consult with me about that work. I hold in mind the three functions of supervision as outlined by Proctor. Namely; the formative, (educational) normative (ethical issues, the 'norms' of the profession and possible legal issues) and most importantly restorative (the effect of the work on the supervisee, personal issues, workload, time management and stress).

Trainee counsellors: In the organisations listed below I have supervised hundreds of counsellors towards achieving their goal of passing the diploma.


The fee is £60 for 50 minutes

 Zoom supervision

The fee is £40.00 for 50 minutes

My experience as a Supervisor

Supervision in Private practice

I have practised since 2005 in Hove and now Lewes working with counsellors on a wide range of client issues.


Pavilions, Family and Carers Team

Counselling for people affected by another's alcohol use, Brighton & Hove.

Clinical Supervisor 2013 - 2018

The service offers individual and relationship counselling for those affected by alcohol and substance misuse.

I have trained the counsellors for this service and supervised their work.

CGL East Sussex, Substance Misuse Service

Clinical Supervisor 2010- present

Working with people who want to change their levels of alcohol and substance use in order to have more healthy and content lives.

Surrey Drug & Alcohol Counselling

Clinical Supervisor 2015 - present

Telephone counselling for people who struggle with the impact of alcohol and substance misuse on their daily lives.

Federation of Disabled People, Brighton & Hove

Clinical Supervisor 2008 - 2017

Now Possablity People

I was the clinical supervisor for this organisation which offers counselling for people who wish to make changes in their lives due to the impact of disability and degenerative disease until the counselling service was forced to close.

CRI Alcohol & Substance Misuse, Brighton & Hove

Clinical Supervisor 2005 - 2015

My work was to supervise counsellors who work with people who have issues with alcohol and substances or both. So that they are able to provide the most useful service to their clients they can.

Patched Relationship Counselling Substance Misuse Brighton & Hove

Clinical Supervisor / Trainer 2009 - 2015

The service offered a relationship counselling for those affected by

alcohol and substance misuse.

I trained the counsellors for this service and supervised their work.

FIPS Project Family therapy on behalf of Brighton Social Services

Supervisor & Trainer 2011- 2014

A project to provide therapy for families who needed a therapeutic space in which to address the difficulties they were facing.

SASS - Sussex Alcohol & Substance Services West Sussex

Supervisor 2009 - 2013

Alcohol and Substance miss-use counselling on behalf of NHS partnership trust in West Sussex.

As You Are Counselling Service Southwick

Supervisor 2007- 2011

I supervised counsellors whose clients had a wide range of issues.


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